Broken Picture

George has a dog that roams the rest of the house quite freely but refuses to go in this room: the Hired Girl’s Room. If the door to this room is left open his cat will use it as a litter box. Four different mediums have visited the home since the paranormal occurrences started occurring with regularity. All have been drawn to this particular room.

Each one independently said that someone was murdered in this room, and three of the four mediums have described the little boy who has been seen running through the home as the murder victim in this room. During the renovations the room has been used as a temporary workshop: a home for saws and various other tools.

One day, a college student from University of New Hampshire, who often helped George, and was also a lineman on the school’s football team, was working alone. He was cutting wood and working on repairs to a bedroom and a bathroom, when pictures that were stored in the room fell over.

Mind you. This student is a different student than the one who had the experiences in the main hall.

The student thought this was odd, but didn’t think much of it. He picked the pictures up, saw nothing had broken, and went back to cutting.

He went to the bathroom he was working on to fit a piece of wood when on his way back to the room he heard a crashing sound again. The pictures had fallen…again, but again nothing had broken. While he was bewildered, he didn’t think anything supernatural was occurring.

This time he leaned the pictures against the wall in an extreme angle so there was no way they could fall forward. He then continued to measure and cut pieces of wood. Ten minutes or so had past, and everything was calm. He exited the hired girl’s room and proceeded down the hallway to the bathroom when all of a sudden he heard a violent crash come from behind him; it came from the hired girl’s room. The pictures had fallen over again, but this time with such force that the glass broke, and some of the frames cracked.

He left the house in haste, leaving all the lights on on his way out.

The next day he told George and his wife Michelle what had occurred. You could see and feel how shaken he was by the experience. He said he would never work late or alone in the house again.