Voices in the Hall

In the spring of 2005, George hired a Football player from University of New Hampshire to help with some repairs to the home’s main bathroom on the second floor. One day he was working late, alone in the home, he was walking down the back hall: to and from the hired girls room where the Mitre saw was set-up. Suddenly he heard a conversation taking place in the upper main hall. He thought the Blaisdells had returned early.

The conversation lasted for a little bit, then he proceeded out to the main hall to ask George a question, but no one was there. He thought that was odd, saw no one around, and assumed it was a TV playing in a bedroom. He went back to work when a few minutes later the conversation started again. He went to the main hall. No one there. He called out, and even walked the second floor to see if it was a TV left on. No TV’s were on, and no one answered his calls in the house. He went back to work when again only a few minutes passed and the voices returned.

He left the house, never to work in it again. He worked outside for a few more weeks then finally quit. It was over a year later that he conveyed this experience to George