Now it is 1:35 AM or so and Steve had already gone home and of course all of the guests had left long ago and Eric, Michelle, and Sue are trying to take a quick nap in their cars before we get back together at 2:15 AM to wait and hopefully document the “Screaming Lady” of the Windmill who does so almost every night between 2:30AM-3:30AM.

So here I am in the windmill alone (with the Spirits of course) as I’m on the 3rd level attempting further communications with them. What I got on the first floor just prior to this was amazing but not documented on video which will have to wait until later to share.

At any rate I had borrowed Sue’s Ovilus of which was providing some pertinent wording.  Here at the beginning of the clip shows more of that.  Each time that I was attempting to set up the flashlight for a session the Ovilus would say a word which I’d quickly go back to that area and read it before another word came up where I would lose the previous.

At one point in the clip the word “allow” comes through which I then state that they are allowing me and I’m allowing them (communication).  I then say “Let me put on the G-Sense” (speaking aloud) and the Ovilus makes a weird tone and then a voice says “Yes” which is followed by several more tones by the Ovilus before it self terminates. To me this was another “first” as I hadn’t heard that occur with the unit before. Can any of you please explain why it did that? (if you know).

Courtesy of Souhegan Paranormal Investigators