Flashlight Experiment #2

I had then gone back upstairs to thank the Spirit on behalf of us all, and also to request if he would be so kind to do this again, but to do so when I raise my arms as the only cue to please activate the flashlight and keep it on until I lower my arms and cross them on my chest which at that moment to shut it off.  What you are about to see (from this inside room perspective) is a perfection of the experiment. It just could not have gone any better. // Now while outside about to raise my arms I did so with a flashlight in my right palm to shine on me so that the Entity could “see” me in the dark and from a great distance. We discussed that it would be a good idea if we all raised our hands in the air at the same set time. At the 2:47 mark you will see the flashlight activate fully in precise timing to my and the others raising our arms on the very first attempt of this test.  I requested we keep our hands in the air as the full beam shines out toward us.  I then said to everyone “watch this” as I and the others lowered our arms and crossed over our chest which at the exact moment the flashlight shuts off! // There is no room for coincidence here or random chance to be a factor for these actions, as the odds alone for the flashlight to be activated precisely to our raising of arms is extremely high to begin with, but for the light to remain on as our hands are up stretches the odds to astronomical levels, and for the flashlight to then shut off exactly when I cross my arms over my chest is simply incalculable in any odds. // Remember that each action that we took resulted in the exact desired action which some unknown intelligent source provided.  What we witnessed and were participants of may have been a first in this field, and that is remote communication in a controlled setting utilizing methods of sign language and radio requests. What an outstanding team effort by all!

Courtesy of Souhegan Paranormal Investigators