Dead Recorder

After a period of inactivity I exercised the Chi-Force technique, what occurs after my release.  This is another “first” for me and us ever witnessing, and that is John’s voice recorder makes 2-3 unusual tones which the recoding light flashes as well and then the unit shuts of by itself.  You will see me turn my head and look at the recorder of which I was stunned of what I saw and heard but did not want to speak yet as this is the period of manifestation for the Entity. A minute later I hand John his now inactive voice recorder to which after he reactivates it the power reads a full charge. There is no “natural” explanation for that recording unit to malfunction in that manner, and for it to occur 1.5 seconds after my release of Chi to the Entities is to me a clear indicator that the exercise was a success as the being got charged and then impacted the electronics within the recorder.

Courtesy of Souhegan Paranormal Investigators