Working Late

In October of 2004 on a Wednesday at approximately 10:30 pm George was working late in his office, he heard someone walk down the Main Formal Staircase. As the steps came down to the first floor, George heard his dog bark from upstairs. Someone then pushed open the door and walked across in front of George’s office, then the connecting door between George’s and his wife Michelle’s office moved. Approximately 30 seconds later the printer and photocopiers simultaneously turned on. George waited about a minute and shouted “Hello,” asking if it was his daughter or wife printing something; it was strange in George’s mind because no lights were on, yet someone was obviously in his wife’s office. When George’s calls went unanswered, he got up and went to the office to find it empty. George then walked the first floor: nothing. George went to the second floor to check on his children and family. The cat was sleeping with his daughter, and the dog was at attention next to his wife on the bed. His family and pets were all accounted for.