Upset Dining Room

At approximately 12:30 AM on July 27th, the same night during which Allie and her friends had used the Ouija Board, the entire family awoke to a violent shaking. It felt like an earthquake was happening — lasting for what seemed to be 30 seconds or more — a constant rumbling and shaking. George ran down to the first floor, ran outside, checked the basement, looked in every bedroom, and nothing. He had not, however, entered the dining room, the door was closed and in his haste George didn’t go in.

The house has four large chimneys and all George could figure was that one had collapsed. George went to the tower in the front of the house where he could clearly see the chimneys were intact. On the way down from the attic George heard his wife, Michelle, scream “it’s in the dining room, the dining room is a mess.”

Upon entering the dining room George noticed the large chandelier over the table swinging back and forth, and over half the crystal balls of the chandelier had been removed and scattered on the floor. A large painting that typically hung over the fireplace was on the other side of the dining room. The mantle clock was in several pieces at opposite ends of the room as well . Various knick-knacks on the mantel were scattered all over the dining room, and glass plates were broken.