Third Floor Footsteps

In August of 2008, the same employee was working in the windmill finishing a brick floor (the bricks were removed the basement of the main house.) The staircase was removed from the first to the second floor so the upper floors were inaccessible at the time, he was laying the brick row after row when suddenly he heard footsteps come down the 3rd floor staircase to the second, the footsteps walked to the second floor staircase as if to try to descend, but the staircase was gone.

The footsteps walked back as if to go up to the 3rd floor, but as if questioning why the staircase was gone walked back yet again to the second floor staircase across the room. Pausing for a moment, the steps then continued back to the 3rd floor staircase and up they went. Quite startled by this event, knowing there was no way a person could be up there, the employee exited the building. He immediate called George on his cell recounting the experience and telling George to shut the windmill lights off when he got home.