Running Boy

In August of 2004 George and his son were watching TV in a Family room behind the kitchen. George left his son sleeping in the room as he went to use the bathroom on the first floor in the Main Foyer. The door was open to the bathroom and George saw and felt the vibrations of a little boy running past him, up the staircase, openning the door to the upstairs back hall that lead to old servant quarters, shutting the door, and running down that hall. George assumed it was his son. He was confused as to why his son would run through the house and especially down the empty hallway to the servant quarters. George went back to the family room and found his son, fast asleep, just like he had left him. The boy that ran past in the hall had a white shirt and light blue pants; George’s son was in red pajamas. George, thinking his son was playing a trick of some sort, tried waking him; he really was fast asleep! The boy George had seen, however, appeared solid, vibrated the floors as he ran. He was 100% real in George’s mind. George searched the upstairs back hall and old servant quarters, and found nothing.