Lights On

The fourth floor of the Windmill has a handmade bed that has been hewn out of wood from the property. George had hired an Electrician to do some electrical work on that bed in the windmill. The Electrician had his girlfriend with him. She was assisting him on the 4th floor when all of a sudden she became uneasy. The girlfriend said she was very nervous and felt a presence, she went down to the third floor below. As she was waiting by the staircase to the fourth floor, she felt something breathe down her neck and the room almost instantly became icy cold. She screamed and ran down and out of the building.

After much coaxing she went back in and was with him on the fourth floor as they worked. The electrician told her he just had a few more minutes to finish. She was almost in tears as she was waiting, she proceeded down the stairs ahead of him to the third floor. As she descended she noticed a distinct temperature difference, she described it as going from 80 degrees to 50 degrees. This time as she stood by the stairs, she felt breathing on her neck and someone brush up against her back. She immediately screamed to the electrician, “We have to leave now!”

The Electrician, very uneasy himself at this point, with gear in hand went downstairs. He swears he turned all the lights off as he descended and went outside. Upon exiting they looked back at the windmill and the third floor lights had been turned back on. The electrician exclaim to his girlfriend, “I’m not going back in there, I’ll tell George he has to shut the light of!”

They both came in the house, George was working with his assistant late on a Saturday, and they recounted the story in graphic detail. The look of horror, shock, and disbelieve on their faces was incredible. George told them he would go out shortly and shut off the lights.

It was just about 7 PM when George and his assistant went into the windmill, and as they proceeded up the stairs from the first to the second floors everything seemed calm, but as they went from the second to the third floor a definite difference in temperature was noticeable. George lead the way and when he was at the top of the third floor his assistant, trailing behind, stopped midway up the staircase. She asked, “Do you feel anything?”

George responded, “Yes.”

As soon as he said yes, a loud bang was heard on the second floor below, almost like someone hitting the wall to announce his or her presence. George’s assistant didn’t know what to do — run down and out? — but that was where the noise came from, or up higher into the windmill. At one point George thought she was going to leap out the third floor window!

Both George and his assistant were quite unnerved. George distinctly remembers putting out the lights and coming down the stairs in darkness. When they exited the building and looked up, the third floor lights were on again. George waited until the next morning to shut the lights off. As a point, the electrical in the mill is 100% brand new, there is no electrical fault reason why the lights would keeping turning on.