Exterior Before

Here’s what the Barn looked like when George first bought the property.

Original carriage house on the property its condition was so bad that it had to be dismantled. Any salvageable material was used in the construction of the new carriage house.Photo of the house as it was purchased in 2000, taken from the west side of brown road.Entrance from Brown Road Looking at the Main House.Photo of the main house with its cedar shakes and thick foliage. The cedar shakes with their brown color truly give this the street presence of a New England Haunted Home!The thick foliage which held the moisture back not allowing the house to breath properly created numerous hidden problems yet to be discovered. Side view of the home showing the bushes and the cedar shakes. There was no knowing how long the construction project would really take.Looking at the home from the right hand driveway it's hard to imagine the years of reconstruction that will follow.The servant quarters and tack room taken from the barn showing the thick foliage held tight to the house not allowing it to breath.Heavy thick foliage abounded the home, the beautiful flowering trees may look pretty but when they are overgrown are a home's worst nightmare. West Piazza was a three season room in tremendous disrepair when construction started it literally fell off the home.Servant quarters, tack room, west piazza, and in the foreground to the left the swimming pool with its wonderful grass patio.From the west driveway from the front of the home looking at the barn in the year 2000. We had no idea that the barn would soon start to collapse and the best course of action was to demolish it.Picture showing the paved driveway and the barn in its original state.