1st Floor After

Here are areas of the first floor during various stages of the renovation.

Designs, details and colors coordinate with the adjacent dining room. A finished front hallway showing the Aquamarine walls with the lace designs and highlighting some of the many Asian artifacts. Design is meant to be reminiscent of a Far East design of lace and tapestry walls.The design is meant to accent and trace the detailed plaster ceiling. The intricate plaster medallion is carefully detailed and colored to highlight the Victorian charm and bring together the detailed walls of the room.This picture shows the dramatic ceiling detail and the extensive effort to bring it to life once again in all its grandeur. The stately wall design was created as a remembrance to the once loftily goals of Warren Brown at the turn of the century. Testing the designs in a variety of lightings to ensure a regal sense in all lighting conditions. The design, preparation and application of the hand painted walls came over several months. The challenge was creating something unique and reminiscent of the Victorian Era of the late 1800'sCreating a design the encircled the room both in paint and fabric curtains was no easy task. Adding in an aire of opulence, the jabot's were added to the wall design. To allow a continuous flow around the room so that the painted curtain could become the cloth curtain above the windows the additional separating boarder touching the ceiling molding was added. Coming up with a pattern that threw its reputation would not be over powering but complimentary to all of the detail going on in the room the elegant pattern was created.The lit Chandelier at night cascades a myriad of colors through its crystals providing a relaxing atmosphere for a dinner event.A finished living room is proudly shown in this picture after 14 years it's a relaxing retreat. With the help of an interior decorator the furnishings were selected to complement each other and the custom designed walls. Centered in the picture is the fireplace below the original mirror that Sarah and Warren Brown hung for their many quests to see. If this mirror could talk what many stories could it tell. Providing a sense of separation from hallway to living room was very important. To have dramatically different colors work in harmony, providing subtle transitions yet with bold differences.