Flashlight Experiment #4

In this clip Michelle senses that a grandfather is here and that his name is “Joe” which a guest present had a connection with. Michelle later senses a Child Spirit in the room which was interesting for what occurs a little while later in the session. I had asked if someone could lend me a voice recorder to place near the flashlight and John kindly did that.  When he handed it to me it was actively recording which the light indicated on top of the unit.  After I stepped away from the flashlight (near the end of the clip) and requested for an Entity to turn it on, it is then so activated, but what is additionally impressive is that a shooting Orb can be seen near me shooting at a blinding rate of speed at the flashlight across the room which then the flashlight illuminates. This Orb can be found at the 3:21 mark.

Courtesy of Souhegan Paranormal Investigators