Windmill EVPs

EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recorded within the Windmill by Souhegan Paranormal Investigators

1. Michelle and Frank were in the windmill. They were playing a numbers game. He was asking the spirits to read their minds. Frank then turned on his recorder to review the data. We can hear the recording playing and Frank saying, “I was thinking of…” and atposition :03, a males voice says “four” as if to mimic Frank, and then at position :05 is the same male voice whispering the word “no” in a hoarse tone as if in reply to Franks’s question when he asked, “Do you hear something like that?”

2. Michelle was walking down the stairs of the windmill. John and Steve had just come into the windmill. Michelle yelled out, “I’m coming.” Sue said, “Be careful.” Michelle slipped on the stairs and said, “Sorry to interrupt.” At position :17 is a raspy male voice ” that we believe might possibly be saying “watch”.

3. Eric, Sue, and Michelle were preparing to conduct an EVP session in the windmill. Eric was saying that he was going to move because he didn’t want Sue to feel crowded. Between positions :03-:04, we think we hear two words being said. We cannot make out the first word, but we believe the second word sounds like “move”.

4. Sue, Frank, Eric, and Michelle – It was approximately 2:00 a.m. and we were conducting a ghostbox session. At position :03 we can hear the word Eric being said through the ghostbox. Between positions: 05-:06, we can also hear the word “dead”, but cannot be sure if it is coming through the ghost box or another means.

5. During our group session in the windmill while using the ghost box, we captured a male voice at position :01 that sounds like it might be saying “ya”. We responded by saying, “ wow”. Frank then asked, “What did he say?” and we repeated the word ya. Frank then said, “Yes, you can, so we can hear you” and at position :10 we hear the word “hello” coming through the ghost box.

6. Continuing our ghost box session, it was now 2:45 a.m. Between positions : 04-:05, we hear a female voice say,“Watching you”, and at position :07, we hear a male voice say “okay”.

7. Sue, Eric, Frank, and Michelle – We had ended our ghost box session, and we were all sitting very quietly so that we could hear any kind of disturbance that might take place. It was 3:18 a.m. Though it is very faint, and you do need earphones to hear this, atposition :02, we do believe we hear the words “help me” being said by a male and again at position :08, the words “help me” are repeated. 7A is the same audio clip cleaned up and isolated.