What Sold the House

A unique series of events lead George Blaisdell to Hampton Falls and his home. During the first weekend in August of 1999, George was on a white water rafting trip in Northern New Hampshire. It was late in the day on that Saturday when he and his friends were going through the last set of rapids when all of a sudden George fell overboard and was trapped underneath the raft. George suffered a severe concussion including the loss of his eyesight. 

He was taken from the campsite to Colebrook Hospital in Colebrook, New Hampshire. The doctor said that the concussion was severe and there was nothing they could do there, so he was brought back home early Sunday morning. While waiting to go to the Emergency Room, George asked his wife to read him the Real Estate section from the newspaper. Neither of them were looking to move or purchase another residence at this time. Michelle started to read one of the advertisements that stated ,“Step back in time and own a piece of history, an incredible and dramatic landmark in Hampton Falls-the old Governor’s Mansion.” 

George immediately exclaimed, “Let’s go see it!”

After the Emergency Room appointment, George called his Real Estate friend to set up a viewing of the property. After the neurologist visit on Monday morning they headed over to the property. George could only make out shadows and fuzzy images. The instant George walked through the front doors of the home he knew he belonged there. He recalls asking his wife, “Does the Staircase railing have a woman holding a light?”

She said, “Yes.”

He immediately made an offer on the home and the renovation project soon was underway.